4 creative ways to develop a successful SEO system

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Working at getting a good ranking for your website for improved traffic and conversion rates? If yes, it’s better to strive for long term goals instead of short term ones, which is possible only with the right SEO strategy or system. If you are curious to learn more about this SEO system, you’ll find out here!

  • Know your audience AND competitors

It’s not enough to know which keywords to use in your website content. While keywords do play an integral part here, there’s much more involved than keywords. You have to divide keywords into informational and intentional keywords where informational ones generate traffic while the intentional words bring conversions.

Besides, targeted pages need not only keywords but also some additional synonym keywords, long-tail keywords and latent semantic indexing keywords. However all these keywords will not be that useful if you don’t provide content catering to your audience’s needs.

What you need to do is analyze, and decide who will benefit or want to buy your products and services, and create appealing web content and posts based on your analysis. You also have to find out who your competitors are to break into top search results.

Start by analyzing their on-page and off-page tactics like titles, content structure and length, Meta descriptions, images and alt tags used, load speed, type and number of backlinks and how mobile-friendly they are.

4 creative ways to develop a successful SEO system

4 creative ways to develop a successful SEO system

  • Optimize and promote the right pages

Instead of spending all your time and effort optimizing all your web pages, it’s better to focus only on selected pages, which will generate substantial SERP to your site. You have to choose the pages based on your industry and specialization.

You can improve your targeted pages while comparing your on-page and off-page optimization tactics with your competitors. Note their main keywords on targeted pages and where they are placed, the keyword density, presence of bulleted lists and white space, internal and external links used, load time and if their pages contain fresh content.

Compare all this data with your targeted pages and you will find your mistakes. Once you know what your pages lack, you can give good competition to your competitors!

Besides finding out where your targeted pages lack in on-page and off-page optimization, you also need to do a behaviour analysis using Google Analytics to find out how your website fares in terms of design, user behaviour and usability.

Based on your bounce rate, goals and average time spent on pages, you will be able to understand how visitors interact with your pages, content and CTAs. If you notice that visitors still leave your site despite all your optimisation tweaks, then heatmap tools like CrazyEgg will help you find out if you’d overlooked some things like using boring images, wrong CTA colours or uninteresting headlines where you can implement changes as needed.

  • Strategy implementation

Once you have collected and analyzed all your data and know where you had gone wrong, it’s time to make the necessary website changes by optimizing each target page. Then upload your website and check everything to find out if your website now finally performs better, or if it’s still lacking something some place. If yes, you need to repeat the process to find out what’s lacking.

As SEO is an ongoing process, you need to keep on implementing changes and checking your work and you will soon find your website in the top page rankings and bringing revenue and value to your business! Remember, you are limited only by Google’s guidelines….it’s left to you to use these tips to create an authentic SEO system befitting your business and industry!


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